No.4 'Forney Type' Locomotive

Locomotive Number 4 'Forney Type'

Another  long term project is the construction of this new locomotive which we are building from the original Baldwin drawings of the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad, Maine, USA No. 10. This 2-4-4 Forney type tank locomotive, weighing 33 tons, was originally built in 1916 and scrapped on closure of the railroad in 1936.

Work is underway on many of the parts and construction of the boiler has started in our workshop here at Pant. The loco bogies, motion, spring gear, brake gear and boiler fittings are finished.  Machining of the new cylinders is now complete, work is currently underway on the driving wheelsets. Erection of the frames will only start once all of the main components are manufactured.

Baldwin works photograph